Universal Grinding

At T&G we offer a variety of grinding capabilities, including the latest in universal grinding technology.

CNC Universal Grinding
Universal Grinding

Jones & Shipman 1300 EIUT (Head mounted Diaform) (Internal & External Form Work) x 2
Jones & Shipman 1311 (Mounted Projectordress & Sony Readout)
Jones & Shipman 540 L
Jones & Shipman 1400 (Diaform & Sony Digital Readout)
Jones & Shipman 1302 (Sony Digital Readout)
Myford MG12 HPM (Cylindrical) (Auto Plunge Cylindrical Grinder. Sony Readout)
Myford MG12 (Cylindrical)
Studer S31 CNC Cylindrical Grinder (with “C Axis)